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autoLink allows you to generate a report on the links in the current model and their status.

Generating Reports

To view a report of links in the current project simply press the 'autoLink Report' button on the Revit ribbon. This will analyze the project for links and status and will display a dialog (shown below) that shows the status of all links in the project.

Note that generating a report requires autoLink to update links so if autoLink is disabled it must be temporarily enabled in order to generate the report.

The report dialog appears as follows:

The primary parts of the report dialog are as follows:

  1. Overall stats - This section shows how many of each type of link are in the project as well as how many total links there are.
  2. Links List - The links list shows detail on all links in the project. The following columns are in the link list:
    1. Show - Shows the element in Revit.
    2. Status - The green check means the link was found and is active; the red x means there was a problem with the link and it may not be displaying properly.
    3. Type - The type of link
    4. Category - The category of the element that holds the link.
    5. Element - The name of the element that holds the link.
    6. Parameter - The parameter that the link is in.
    7. Reference - The link reference.
    8. Errors - Any errors encountered with the link.
    9. Messages - Any informational messages related to the link.
  3. Export Button - This dialog can be exported to a number of formats for analysis and/or archiving purposes. Simply press the button, select your file type, and tell it where you would like to save the file.


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