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autoLink allows you to define the format of your sheet and view naming conventions. autoLink will use these patterns to locate links in your text and parameter values.

Creating Patterns

Link patterns can be found on the 'Link Format' tab of the settings dialog.

Link patterns can be defined with two systems; autoLink pattern matching and Regular Expressions. You can switch between the two systems in the pattern character key section (#1 above). The differences in the two systems are as follows:

  1. autoLink Patterns - This system is designed to be a much simpler pattern matching system with only a few options but enough to work for most naming systems. This system is best for beginning users or those not familiar with pattern matching, or those with simple sheet and detail naming conventions.
  2. Regular Expressions - This system is a powerful pattern matching system used by computer programmers for all sorts of purposes. It is much more complex than autoLink patterns but it can be made to match just about any pattern that can be created. This system is recommended for those familiar with Regular Expressions or those with complex project naming requirements.

Once you have selected your system, you can begin creating patterns to allow autoLink to recognize your naming systems. Patterns are defined in the 'Link Patterns' section (#2 above). autoLink contains a single pattern by default that should fit most common naming conventions, but it is recommended that you modify and create naming patterns that match your project or office standards as specifically as possible to avoid false positive matches.

  1. Use the '+' icon to the right of the main header to add a new link pattern.
    1. You can also use the wizard icon to create a new pattern with the pattern wizard.
  2. Use the 'x' icon to remove an existing pattern.
  3. The green check icon indicates that the related pattern is a valid pattern in the selected system; a yellow triangle at this location indicated that the pattern is not valid, either because it is blank or because it uses invalid characters.
  4. Use the pattern character key panel to learn about pattern characters and how to use them or to switch systems.
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