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autoLink allows the user to define multiple families designed to be used with autoLink. These families can then be placed with a ribbon button and reloaded from the autoLink settings tab.


autoLink Family Settings

The autoLink family settings are found at the 'Families' tab of the settings dialog and consist of four primary settings:

  1. Get More Families - Revolution Design provides some common families designed to be used with autoLink at no charge. Simply click this link to go to the web location to download the content.
  2. Families List - This pane lists the families that are to be used for autoLink. Note that the first 5 families listed here will be the 5 families available for direct placement by ribbon buttons on the Revit ribbon. Add new families to the list using the green '+' button to the right, remove them with the red 'X' button.
  3. Family Controls - Each family has several controls for modifying the family setting:
    1. Browse - Select the browse button to change the location of the family.
    2. Reload - Press this button to load or reload the family into the current project.
    3. Move Location - Use the up/down buttons to change the location of the family within the list. This changes the location of the button in the dropdown for the first five families.
  4. Use Revit Version Placeholder - If you keep different family versions by Revit version you can use this setting to insure that the correct family loads. Simply check this setting and put the placeholder '##RevitVersion##' into your family path. When autoLink loads a family it will replace that placeholder with the Revit version of the current Revit application (i.e. 2018, 2019, etc.) and load from that path.
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