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View Reference Master

View to Sheet

This command allows you to place a view onto a sheet by directly selecting a referencing annotation and then the desired sheet rather than searching through the project browser to find the correct view and sheet.

Clicking the command will ask you to select a view annotation such as a section cut, callout, or elevation tag. Once you have selected the view you would like to place you will be presented with the following dialog to select the sheet to place the view on:

This dialog consists of three primary areas:

  1. View Readout - This simply tells you the name and type of the view you are placing.
  2. Search Bar - The search bar allows you to search through sheets by either the name or number. Simply type part of the sheet name or number and you will be presented with a dropdown list of sheets matching your search criteria. Select a sheet from the list and press 'Enter' to go directly to the sheet and place the view.
  3. Sheet List - As an alternative to the search bar, you may search through the list of views in the project (sorted by number) and select one from this list.


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