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View Reference Master

Relabel Views

This command relabels views to make their name indicate their location in the drawing set. Activating the command will bring up the following dialog:

The dialog consists of four primary option areas:

  1. Rename View on Sheets - If checked, views that are on sheets will be tagged with their reference in the format Sheet Name_Detail Number. You have the option to add the reference at the beginning of the current name (prepend), the end of the current name (append) or replace the name entirely with the view reference (replace).
  2. Rename Views Not on Sheets - If checked, views that are not on sheets will be marked with the text in the 'Mark' field. You have the option to add this text at the beginning (prepend) or the end (append) of the view name.
  3. View Types - Relabel can be limited to only certain types of views (by default it is applied to all views). Simply uncheck view types that you do not want to relabel.
  4. General - This checkbox gives you the option to write the current view name to the 'Title On Sheet' parameter. This is useful if you have views currently on sheets and do not want to change their naming on the sheet but need them to stack properly in the browser based on their reference.


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