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quickNumber Ribbon ButtonquickNumber allows you to quickly and easily select elements (Doors, Viewports, Rooms, Text Notes, Grids, and Spaces) in order and renumber dynamically ensuring that no numbers or letters are repeated.



quickNumber Dialog

To begin using quickNumber activate the command from the workFlow panel on the Revolution Design tab of the Revit ribbon. On the dialog that appears, simply write a starting Number or Letter in the Middle box, select the OK button and begin clicking elements until you are done renumbering.  Press Escape a few times to exit out of the command.

If a number or letter already exists, quickNumber will simply swap it with the one you are renumbering.  Keep in mind that the first element you pick will define the category that is renumbered. This is intended to prevent you from clicking on something of a different category accidentally).  quickNumber also remembers your earlier picks, so as you work through the renumbering you won't have to worry about double clicking the same number twice.

If you choose to renumber using a letter, once you get to "Z" quickNumber will start over with lowercase "a" and once you get to "z" it will start with uppercase "A". It is recommended that you stay within the alphabet but if you need something more complex you can use the Prefix and/or Suffix fields.

To use the Prefix or Suffix, simply fill in a value before or after the number/letter and this text will stay constant (not increment).  You may also clear out the Starting Number/Letter box and quickNumber will add the Prefix and/or Suffix without changing the current numbering.

The categories supported by quickNumber for renumbering are Doors, Grids, Rooms, Text Notes, Viewports and Spaces.

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