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autoLink allows you to define the format of your sheet and view naming conventions. Simply type view references into standard Revit text notes and they will be recognized by autoLink and updated automatically when views change.

Text links are updated dynamically as you change view and work in the model.

Text Link Settings

Text link settings can be found on the 'Text Links' tab of the settings dialog.

Text link settings consists of two primary settings:

  1. Link Patterns - Use this setting to set the pattern that autoLink will use to find links in text notes. autoLink contains a single pattern by default that should fit most common naming conventions, but since some projects require different naming conventions, additional patterns can be added to meet project or office requirements.
    1. Use the '+' icon to the right of the main header to add a new link pattern.
    2. Use the 'x' icon to remove an existing pattern.
    3. The green check icon indicates that the related pattern is a valid autoLink pattern; a yellow triangle at this location indicated that the pattern is not valid, either because it is blank or because it uses invalid characters.
    4. Use the pattern character key panel to learn about pattern characters and how to use them.
  2. Error Handling - If this check box is checked, autoLink will override the color of text notes when it contains a reference to a view that has been deleted or is no longer on a sheet. If unchecked, autoLink will leave the color as is. Use the color selector to select the override color that indicates an error.
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