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autoLink allows you to specify text parameters (such as head and jamb details) that will be linked to views. Simply enter the view reference in those parameters and they will be automatically updated. Note that parameter links can only reference instance parameters.

Parameter links are updated on save, sync with central, and print.

Parameter Link Settings

Parameter link settings can be found on the 'Parameter List' tab and the 'Parameter Tags' tab of the settings dialog. To set up parameter links in autoLink start by defining parameters to be linked in the 'Parameter List' tab and then defining tags (if desired) in the 'Parameter Tags' tab.

Parameter List Tab

  1. Add Parameter - Adds a new parameter to the list of parameters to be tracked (see 2-4 for defining parameters).
  2. Category - Each parameter link is tied to a particular category and will track parameters on the associated category only. Use this drop down to select the category that each parameter link is associated with.
  3. Parameter - Type the name of the parameter to be tracked into this box. The parameter name must match the parameter name in Revit exactly (case sensitive).
  4. Linked Files - If this box is checked parameter links can be linked to views in linked Revit projects. If unchecked, parameter links can only be linked to views in the current project.

Parameter Tags Tab

Parameter tags allow tracking of additional data about linked views via additional parameters. For example if you wish to have the detail number and the sheet in separate parameters or to track the view name, error state, etc you can use parameter tags to do so.

  1. Help / Check - Hovering over the ? icon shows more detail about each field. Checking the box tell autoLink to track the related tag, unchecking turns the related tag off.
  2. Field - This column shows the field type of each possible tag. This is a fixed list of attributes about a view that can be tracked. See 'Parameter Tags' below for additional information.
  3. Tag - Use this box to define the text to add to actually find the parameter to be set with this value. Note that the tag value is added to each parameter as defined in the Parameter List tab to determine which parameter should be set with this value.
    1. Example - If you would like to track error state you can enter 'Broken' into the tag for 'In Error'. If you have 'Head' and 'Jamb' parameters defined in your parameter list, autoLink will look for parameters called 'Head Broken' and 'Jamb Broken' and set them to true if the link is broken for that object or false if the link is valid.

Parameter Tags

The following are the available parameter tag fields and an explanation of their value:

  1. Detail - The detail number of the referenced view (i.e. '1' in 1/A101).
  2. Sheet - The sheet number of the referenced view (i.e. 'A101' in 1/A101).
  3. Time Stamp - The date and time of the last time the link was changed by autoLink.
  4. Is On Sheet - A yes/no value indicating if the linked view is on a sheet or not. This will be 'yes' if the view is found and is on a sheet and 'no' if either the view is not found or is not on a sheet.
  5. Not On Sheet - The opposite of 'Is On Sheet'. Families may be created to use this tag to turn on visual indicators of views that have been removed from a sheet.
  6. In Error - A yes/no value indicating if the referenced view has been deleted. This value will be 'yes' if the view is not found and 'no' if the view is found (even if it's not on a sheet).
  7. No Error - The opposite of 'In Error'.
  8. View Name - The name of the referenced view (as shown in the project browser).
  9. Title On Sheet - The 'Title On Sheet' value of the referenced view. This can be used to track how views are labeled in the sheet instead of how they are actually named in the project browser.
  10. View Id - The internal ID of the referenced view.
  11. Previous View - The previous correct/successful view link (if any).
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